Synchronized Clocks

A synchronized clock system provides the same time to all clocks, keeping your facility running effortlessly, on time, and in sync.

Synchronized time keeps operations running smoothly in your facility, eliminating the need for unnecessary maintenance. You will never have to worry about changing your clocks for Daylight Saving Time or during a power outage with synchronized clocks.

Hiscall offers a wide range of master clocks and synchronized clock systems, including:

  • Wireless Clocks
  • IP-PoE Clocks
  • Wi-Fi Clocks
  • Wired Clocks
  • TalkBack Wireless Clock System

Every aspect of managing, securing, and planning involves determining when events happen.

Within your facility, you may have multiple systems that help your employees conduct business throughout the day. When installing a synchronized time system, you can coordinate your time and attendance management system, VoIP phones, and even your PA system.

No matter which part of the building you are in, the time shown by the clocks will be uniform and accurate. Contact Hiscall to set up a free demo of synchronized clock systems.

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Synchronized Clocks

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